The Good, The Bad, And The Trendy

Todd Hallett, K Design & Architecture

Workshop Overview:

• Hottest design trends for 2016
• Most common design mistakes
• Best – selling plan review
• Techniques to improve plan merchandising

The beginning of the year is the best time to catch up on the latest design trends. Todd Hallett’s travels take him all over the country where he sees what is new, what is working, and what is not. He will share with you the hottest design trends for 2016. He will also share with you common design mistakes and how to improve upon them. You will have the opportunity to review several top selling new plans. Formerly the CEO of a 220 unit (annually) production homebuilder, Todd’s hands-on background in purchasing, construction and operations enables him to see things from the builder’s perspective, a unique quality among top architects. His designs are not only hot and marketable but they are also lean, with waste eliminated wherever possible in both product and process. Todd’s lean-designed plans are saving builders thousands per house throughout the nation. Lean design has helped some of the most successful builders in the country greatly improve their margins.Learn how to apply lean to your existing plans while you design the best-selling products for your market.