Process MasteryThe 12 Essential Processes For Sustainable Profit

Scott Sedam, President, TrueNorth Development & Contributing Editor, Professional Builder Magazine

Workshop Overview:

We will begin with the “Ten Questions that will ruin your year – Unless.” All across the country the evidence is clear that retail prices are not – and will not – go up as fast as costs, for the foreseeable future. That means lower profit margins. The “unless” is doing some things very differently than most of us have done in the past. In nearly 3 decades in homebuilding working with more than 200 builders, we have observed that those who make the most money fall predominately into 2 categories; the Deal-Makers and the Process Masters. Deal-making is exciting and the stuff of legends, but it is not a sustainable business model for the vast majority of builders. At the end of the day it is about getting someone to sell something to you for less than they wanted or they pay you more than they intended. You get, because they give. If that sounds like gambling, it is, and there are a few rare folks who are quite good at it. But this strategy is not something we can train our people to do and having an entire company dependent on your next great deal is not a healthy way to do business.

Becoming the Process Master however, is an attribute all can aspire to. It is one of those concepts that is often understood intellectually, but glossed over in day-to-day operations, unaware of the significant impact that process failure has on not just profit, but the morale of the entire company. In this 90-minute workshop we will focus on understanding these 12 processes, what they look like, how to evaluate yourself on each and how a systematic approach to improving them creates both short term profit improvement and builds a sustainable future to withstand any market condition. This knowledge can literally change a builder’s prospect forever.